Schaff Piano Product Catalog - page 149

Water/Alcohol Soluble
Ideal for refinishing & touch-up work.
Rapid drying and will not raise the
grain of the wood. When used by itself
as a stain, it should be dissolved with
wood alcohol; as a tinting medium, it
should be dissolved in Behkol solvent.
Available in a 2 oz. jar.
No. 450-300 -
Golden Oak. Each
No. 450-310 -
Dark Mahogany. Each
No. 450-321 -
American Walnut. Each
No. 450-330 -
Jet Black. Each
No. 450-343 -
Lemon Yellow. Each
No. 450-378 -
Cherry. Each
Is excellent for all types of smooth
surfaces: wood, marble, tile, leather,
and painted or chrome metal. Is non-
flammable, non abrasive, greaseless,
quick drying, and contains no silicones.
OZ® Cream Polish concentrated formula
cleans, polishes and protects. Just apply,
wipe, and buff up a beautiful sheen.
No. 1454 -
Pint. Each
No. 1453 -
Quart. Each
Manufactured from the finest shellacs and resins. Will not lift
out and accepts any type of over finish. May be used on any
type of surface including marble. 7” long.
No. 407-001 -
Dark Mahogany. Each
No. 407-003 -
Light Brown Walnut. Each
No. 407-004 -
Extra Dark Walnut. Each
No. 407-005 -
Fruitwood/Oak. Each
No. 407-006 -
Cherry. Each
No. 407-007 -
White. Each
No. 407-008 -
Black. Each
No. 407-009 -
Maple. Each
No. 407-010 -
Dark Amber. Each
No. 407-011 -
Amber. Each
No. 407-012 -
Clear. Each
No. 407-013 -
Dark American Walnut. Each
No. 407-015 -
Medium Mahogany. Each
No. 407-018 -
Dark Cherry. Each
No. 407-818 -
Burnt Umber. Each
No. 407-815 -
Golden Oak. Each
No. 407-853 -
Medium Brown Walnut. Each
No. 407-873 -
Red Mahogany. Each
One of the most versatile products used in
furniture touch-up. Fills in and levels surface
scratches, burn-in repairs, and smooths
‘french padded’ repairs. Fast drying. Seals in
stains prior to final top coat of finish for
faster build up.
No. 1417-104 -
13 oz. Aerosol. Each
Humid or cold weather can cause a finish to
turn white or “blush”. Behlen Blush Eraser
reflows the lacquer and allows the trapped
moisture to escape.
No. 1417-100 -
13 oz. Aerosol. Each
Produces the finest air drying lacquer for
the protection of tarnishable solid or
plated metal.
No. 1438 -
12 oz. Aerosol. Each
Especially formulated to enable the
experienced as well as the novice to do a
professional job. Two or three coats of the
desired sheen will develop a durable, alcohol
resistant lacquer finish. Dries quickly.
The finish is alcohol resistant.
No. 1417-102 -
13 oz. Aerosol. Each
No. 1417-103 -
13 oz. Aerosol. Each
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