Schaff Piano Product Catalog - page 148

A modern method of renovating an old cracked or
alligatored finish. May be brushed, sprayed or padded
on the old surface. Eliminates the need for restaining
and refilling with paste wood fillers. Will not work
on polyurethane, epoxy or polyester finishes.
No. 1475 -
Pint. Each
Removes oil, wax & grease
Also used to remove wax
deposits left after the use of
removers. Cleans old finishes
prior to restoration.
No. 1499 -
Quart. Each
H. Behlen & Bro.’s wood finishing products...
A mineral oil used as a lubricant
for rubbing with pumice or
rottenstone. Saves both time and
effort in the rubbing. Formulated
with fine cutting oils.
No. 1480 -
Quart. Each
Wool-Lube is a specially formulated lubricant
for preparing furniture before waxing and
polishing. Superior for removing pack marks,
soiling, or fingerprints. Furniture rubbed with
Wool-lube can be recoated with lacquer with
good adhesion. Water soluble, non silicone
and fast clean up. Apply with steel wool,
nylon pad or sandpaper.
No. 1414 -
Pint. Each
One of the finest substances used in
wood finishing. Primarily used to polish
a lacquered or varnished surface after a
coarse rubbing with Pumice Stone.
No. 410 -
1 lb. Container. Each
come from over a 100 year tradition of quality and expertise. Founded in 1888 by a
German-born chemist, the firm was first to manufacture finishing products used by European master craftsmen for the
American woodworker. Behlen’s extensive knowledge of furniture making and finishing has been behind the development of
every product, and has made the Company an acknowledged leader in its field. Today, these products are top choices of
professional and amateur craftsmen for easy, controlled applications, and beautiful results.
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